Getting the Mercy


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HG Vijaya Prabhu: "I'm impressed by this book distribution presentation. It's a veritable encyclopedia of information about book distribution. It covers everything anyone would want to know about book distribution, such as the dangers of having a holier-than-thou mentality; the need of developing faith, humility, and compassion; leaving everyone with a good impression; determination and sincerity as the main qualities of a book distributor; dealing with our anarthas and limitations; the practicalities and adventures of traveling sankirtan and much more. This is the type of book you won't read just once, but again and again. It will encourage those already distributing books to continue and inspire those who aren't experiencing the nectar of book distribution to go out and taste the nectar.

A brahmana is patan paatan: his duty is to receive knowledge and then give it out. Caitanya Chandra Prabhu, through his years of distributing books, has received from Krsna many realizations about book distribution, and now he is kindly giving what he has received. We are grateful that he has done this, for I'm sure that devotees around the world will increase their book distribution simply by reading his wonderful book."

HG Navina Nirada Prabhu: "In his book Getting the Mercy, Preaching, Book Distribution and the Ultimate Goal, Caitanya Chandra prabhu, shares his 25 years of experience on sankirtan. A dear friend, current number one in book distribution and role model for sankirtan devotees and preachers alike, he divulges secrets, realizations and his vision for personal, collective and global transformation. As a free ebook he made it easily available. Read it, live it, share it!"

Preface: In recent years, many books about book distribution have been written and published. With so many experienced book distributors sharing their experience, it seems that book distribution in ISKCON is entering a new era.

At the same time, there is a great danger: weakened spiritual practices, lack of systematic training and focus in bridge preaching and ritualistic activities are reducing the number of stable and experienced book distributors in our movement. Many of our experienced book distributors are becoming old, and it is still not clear if a new generation is going to step forward to replace them. If these tendencies are not addressed, we may instead enter a dark age, where book distribution may become part of a forgotten past.

HG Aindra Prabhu was speaking about a kirtana grassroots revolution. Similarly, we can create a book distribution grassroots revolution, starting with interested individuals and them progressing to all spheres of our ISKCON society. We can learn from past mistakes and master ways to not only increase the quantity, but also improve the quality of our book distribution, touching people's hearts and inspiring them to study our books and start their spiritual path.

Srila Prabhupada once said that history will mark how ISKCON saved the world in its darkest hour. As the world society becomes more and more degraded, our mission to step forward and bring some light in the form of spiritual books becomes more and more urgent and necessary. For this, we need some moons: devotees that will be inspired to dedicate their lives to improve their spiritual practice and to inspire others through their example and potency.

This book is my small attempt in this direction. The main factor in deciding about publishing this book as a free e-book instead of hard copy is to allow all interested devotees to have easy access to it and to share with their friends. There is no marketing department or advertisement budget: this book is being propagated by word of mouth alone. If you get some inspiration, some valuable information, or some realization in this book, feel free to share it with others. This book took a long time to ripen. I started working on it in 2014, but it was finally completed only in the spring of 2019. This long period allowed me to relate in detail many realizations from book distribution while they were still fresh in the memory. Many passages were written directly on the frontline, in the van, or on park benches during breaks on book distribution.

Contents of the book:

About the cover
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Chapter 1: The sankirtana tree
How did it start?
Not only in the street
E-books and new mediums
Developing compassion
A golden opportunity
Krsna helps
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 2: Cooperation is the key
The ultimate instruction of the Bhagavad-gita
Cooperation is the key
Bombing-raid or invasion?
"Be an instrument in the fight"
Unity in diversity
Advancing beyond rajas and tamas
Sadhu-sanga and social interaction
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 3: Practical considerations
Getting the mercy
Three important points
Understanding the basics
To not contaminate our book distribution
Dealing with small donations
Getting the proper equipment
“Burned” places
Using our time effectively
A few more points Other styles of book distribution
Distribution in difficult places
Distribution and cultivation
Techniques can only bring one so far
Where to start?
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 4: Improving our sankirtana
Stability, discipline and empowerment
Molding our lives around book distribution
The best balance Surpassing the mental platform
Inspiration and discipline
Improving our results
"Then what's the use?"
Bringing the mind to our side
Being self-satisfied
The hard way and the smart way
The difference between detachment and laziness
Transcendental competition
Don’t burn yourself out
Book distribution in old age
The tip of the iceberg
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 5: Going further
Krsna is the doer
Samadhi on book distribution
Mature book distribution
Different classes of devotees
A word from the scriptures
Discrimination, compassion and humility
More practical considerations
The 9th offence
Contrary arguments
Good Christians are going to become devotees
Training new book distributors
Kirtanas and spiritual practice
Constant chanting
The eternal present
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 6: Traveling sankirtana
Some basic preparations
Organizing the travelings
Living in a van Using stacks
On diet, nutrition and health
The importance of temples
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 7: Maintaining purity
A historical perspective
The glories of Srila Prabhupada
Modern apasampradayas
Being sincere
The enemy within
Polemical statements, a case study
Casting doubts
The example of the “Gopi-bhava club”
Babajis, siddha-pranali and raganuga
» False siddha-pranali
» The reforms of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura
» The two limbs of sadhana-bhakti
» Our connection with Krsna
» Real siddha-deha
» The gray line
The source of knowledge and detachment
“Time place and circumstance”
Key points in this chapter

Chapter 8: Spreading Krsna consciousness in family life and beyond
Some philosophy
Spiritual standards
Why, if, when and how?
The danger of illicit sex
Sober and devotional mind
False renunciation
Preventing quarrels and solving problems
Tolerance and detachment Bringing it all out
On choosing a partner
The ultimate goal
Key points in this chapter

Extra: Photos and comments